Friday, October 31, 2008

B's garter snake

after a few very chilly days and nights we had a beautiful few days this week! the sun shone and the temperatures were in the low 70's. that brought an unexpected visitor to our driveway, sunning himself on the warm cement. i walked right past him, but B spotted him! that sort of changed the direction of our school day, but i know it is probably the last critter we will catch until spring, so spelling, latin, and handwriting can wait!

we just love anna botsford comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. it is full of information and great ideas to help children learn the fine art of observation. B drew a very nice sketch of her snake after studying him closely.
i would also like to mention that a nice short biography of anna botsford comstock is found in the book Girls Who Looked Under Rocks. if you enjoy her nature handbook you will enjoy learning more about the author!

"During the warm days of Indian Summer, these winter hermits crawl out in the middle of the day and sun themselves, retiring again to their hermitages when the air grows chilly toward night; and when the cold weather arrives, they go to sleep and do not awaken until the first warm days of spring" ~Handbook of Nature Study

critter observation tank

everyday gift: unexpected visitors

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Tonya said...

You're making me wish I had kept that book that day if it's the same one I found? Maybe I am thinking of another. Anyway, funny you had that since we found about 5 snakes the other day with the nice weather. We didn't draw it though. I love words I read from great books and keep finding ones I want to share and just haven't yet, but watch out..I will soon. That Anne book is full of long ones that amaze me.