Monday, October 20, 2008

a step back in time

after the field trip to the living history school house, S's teacher, mrs. m treated the class to ice cream cones at the Wilton Candy Kitchen which was like stepping back in time. they still serve homemade ice cream and make their own turtle candies. the owners were so gracious as they served our bunch their cones. it was the perfect ending to a really fun day.

S's 5th grade class at the Wilton Candy Kitchen

even as we ate our treats, the locals stopped in to say hello, a little surprised by the crowd, "oh, i see you're busy, i'll be back in a while, save me a scoop, will ya?"

i do long for simpler times, when you could get a cone for a nickel, girls wore braids and calico dresses, and you'd take a spin on the stools at the soda fountain...

everyday gift: hand dipped ice cream cones

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Chris said...

Me too Stacy, me too. I long for those times too.